St.Francis Educational Institution was established in the year 2003 by Sooram Prabhakar Reddy and few other highly educated individuals with high moral values and experience. The institution started of with B.Ed and then D.Ed was also included. The College is set up with high ambition in the educational field.

Vision and Mission

St.Francis Educational Institution conducts its programs and activities guided by overarching Vision, Mission, Goals, Values, Beliefs statements. All are revisited periodically and revised, if appropriate.

Affiliations & Recognitions

St. Francis College of Education (B.Ed) and St.Francis Institue of Elementary Education (D.Ed) are recognized by S.R.C.- N.C.T.E (Bangalore) and Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda.


The college is spread over an area of 1 acre and is equipment with a wide range of equipment and labs like Computer lab, Science lab, ET Lab, Work experience lab, mathematics lab etc. The library is equipped with an extensive collection of books, journals etc.


Few of them...
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Sooram Prabhakar Reddy

He is a leader, visionary,Orator, educationalist and much more. Got his M.A in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology and also MA.LLB from Osmania University. He is the chief founder of St.Francis Educational Institutions.
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An experienced lecturer with M.A and M.Ed.
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Md.Maqsood Ali

He has an M.Sc in Maths along with B.Ed and M.Ed and has an experience of around 06 yrs. He is also proficient in organizing events and interacting with people.


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